The Power of Compound Exercises

When it comes to weightlifting and strength training, there is an endless array of exercises and techniques to choose from. Amidst this diversity, compound exercises stand tall as the bedrock of any effective training regimen. Compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups and joints simultaneously. From deadlifts and squats to bench presses and overhead presses, these … Read more

How Sports Massage Improves Your Training and Recovery

You’re taking your training seriously—you’re sticking to the program, eating right, and getting adequate sleep. But what if we told you that you’re leaving gains on the table? Incorporating sports massage into your training routine can be a great way to speed up your recovery time, increase your range of motion, and even prevent future … Read more

Sumo vs. Conventional Deadlift: Which one should you choose?

When it comes to deadlift variations, sumo and conventional deadlifts take center stage. While the two techniques have their differences, they remain rooted in the same core foundation: both are dominantly hip extension movements that put emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings while also working the quads and associated stabilizing muscles (e.g. lats and spinal … Read more

So you’re injured, now what? (Part 2)

Diagnosing injuries is the task of a medical professional. But it doesn’t take a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows. So, if you’re experiencing pain at a joint, then your next meaningful, actionable strategy to resume training should be as follows: Try to identify what factors (mobility, technique, programming) are contributing to pain … Read more

How Alcohol Affects Your Workouts – And What To Do About It

For most people, alcohol is an unavoidable part of social life. Despite its popularity, the actual metabolic effects of alcohol are almost completely misunderstood. Today, we’re taking a dive deep into what alcohol actually does to a strength training body  – specifically, the negative headwinds that alcohol puts on body compositional progress. We’ll also give … Read more



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