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The best coaching and state of the art equipment you need to get in the best shape of your life.

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The Boston Barbell Difference

Plateaus are no match for customized plans and state of the art equipment. That’s why every customer who walks through our doors receives a training plan specific to their needs and goals.

Before breaking a sweat, you’ll have a clear idea of the what, where, and how of your workout. With our signature method, you maximize the potential of your body’s strength and break through to see true gains.

The Boston Barbell Method


Custom Plan

Designed by an expert coach with the equipment and movement your body needs, unique to your path.


State Of The Art Equipment

Your body can only go as far as your equipment pushes you. We pride ourselves in stocking our floor with the latest and best equipment to push your fitness.


Expedited Results

Our coaches look at your fitness goals holistically and address strength, conditioning, and recovery needed to optimize your results and get you to your goals, faster.


Our coaches are nationally ranked powerlifters, trainers of Olympic athletes, and are experts at training you to your best self.

Get results you’ll love, with expert coaches who’ll help you maintain your gains. All you have to do is show up and be ready to do the work.



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